What data will be collected when I run a test?

Since all data collected through experiments is released publicly, M-Lab’s Acceptable Use Policy requires the submission of only specific technical Internet measurements and prohibits the collection of sensitive personal information, such as physical location or web browser history.

Information collected under our Acceptable Use Policy includes:

  • Measurement Data: Performance variables describing the state of connection during the test, such as average download and upload speed; latency and topology of the path between the client and server; and, whether the application or protocol is manipulated or discriminated against in transit.
  • Connection Data: Information necessary to characterize performance data including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client that conducted the measurement and the date and time of the test.
  • Metadata: Descriptive information about the user’s environment to support analysis of measurement data. Metadata varies by experiment and client but may include the name and version of the web browser software, software application, or operating system used to conduct the test.

Specific information on what type of data is collected by each M-Lab test and how it can be accessed is available on our tests page.